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Add the chili powder, cumin and coriander and stir about 30 | SOEKO - drzwi szklane, daszki szklane, zabudowy szklane, balustrady, kabiny na wymiar

Winter is inescapably grey. Parking on top of the Maltings car park in St Albans today my usually panoramic view of the town and fields beyond is greatly reduced. Layers of mist shades of grey have walled the horizon and closed in my visual world.

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The extensive use of photographic material from architectural magazines in teaching about architectural space, often goes unquestioned. This neglect raises important issues, since most buildings will now only be encountered by students in their mediatised re presented form, rather than in real space and time. This paper outlines a critical, semiological strategy for analysing the value of such photographic material, categorising them under three broad headings of Naive Realism; Trophysim and Fetishism.

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