I’m saying it wasn’t just Oden and that Conley also contributed massively to that team. They were the 1st and 4th picks in the next draft. Oden was a dominating force, Conley lead the B1G in assists. He does not have a life threatening condition. He fine. It just that the condition is really taking away from the moment..

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Dropping rocks should have resulted in x amount of time in prison because it was dangerous and they should know that if caught, they go to jail. The one that dropped the killing rock was the unfortunate drawer of the short straw. All of them could have been the one to drop it.

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Steelers have outscored opponents 139 93, third best in league. With 362 yards rushing, Dolphins are on pace for lowest total in franchise history. Dolphins rank last in NFL in first downs and sacks per pass play. Infield is hard too. You have to hope Goldy bounces back, cuz who else are we doing for 1st? Wong and Dejong should be starting up the middle because defense. 3rd is the most obvious spot to improve the infield.

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