The World carried the story of Hoy flight on the front page; the rival Province placed it on page 21. Trying to downplay the story, on Aug. 7 the Province portrayed the flight as a competition between Hoy and another aviator, Ernest Hall, who was working for the Vancouver Aerial Transportation Company..

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Second place receives, apropos of this contest, an especially handsome hardcover book called „,” which focuses mostly on odd words and fascinating word origins. Presumably these aren’t fictoids and are pretty much truoids. Donated by Duncan Stevens.

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She was frugal, cleaned her own house, donated to the church, and helped my dad with the yard work. She canned vegetables and baked to save money on food. She was miracle worker that got things done on her own. These four cities each had a Druid as a leader, so they learned the magic of otherworld teachings. In all arts of creativity, philosophy, science, warfare and magic they excelled. None of them were just common people.

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